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  • What payments do you accept at Events?
    At Local Events, I accept... Cash, All major credit cards-Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. I also accept all payment methods through PayPal, Venmo and Cash App.
  • Can you do a custom painting for me?
    I may or may not be able to accommodate for a multiple medical reasons... ..but you may still contact me through the "let's chat" messenger on this site .. ..or by email at (write JMLartStudio in the subject line).. ..or through my Etsy shop Also note that it may take days, weeks or even months for me to finish a piece as I can only do a small amount daily or weekly depending on pain that I am enduring.
  • Are all items already made or made to order?
    Everything shown here has been made already. Some may be sold already while other items are available. Some have been made many years ago, some more recently.
  • Do you make duplicates of items that already sold?
    For the most part, no I don't. I almost can never duplicate the same item due to either running out of a particular supply or because of the detail and/or unique nature of the painting.
  • Are all items on here available for purchase?
    Some items on this website are still available but many may have have been sold.
  • Can I purchase your items locally?
    At this time, my creations are currently for sale at Flowers and Stuff Greenville. For the address and hours, visit their website at This website will be updated if my art is carried anywhere else additionally.
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